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Posted on March 2, 2015 by - General, IT-Performance

We are proud to launch our new web site and tell shortly about our vision and theme behind the IM Fellows. Company IM Fellows was established on October 2013. We rolled up the sleeves and we found that we have lot of experience gathered related performance engineering of information technology (IT) systems and product lifecycle management knowledge. We believed that this is very unique combination and we started to ask questions ourselves that why we would not share that knowledge and boost our Customer’s PLM or IT systems with help of that experience. We had a case where we had opportunity to show our existing experience in real use. It was like a jump start for our company and we were really implementing our vision in practice – passion for IT performance.

Now after 1 and half year of establishment our company, we have categorized our service offering under 3 major subjects: IT Performance, PLM Development and Consultation. There are two very important basic principles or values, which we are following in all activities what we are doing. Those are independency and performance. We are independent solution or service provider which means that we are not selling any third party PLM or any other IT systems. Of course, we have wide +40 years’ experience on PLM/PDM business and lot of information about platform independent best practices and list of pitfalls to avoid. All tasks and assignments what we are doing we will ensure that performance is on right track. It does not mean only technical performance of IT system, our opinion is that also processes around systems has to be effective. Information technology should help people in their daily routines and make work more effective, not the opposite, and not definitely adding extra working steps.

Stay tuned on right channel and follow up our posts here in the corner. Please contact us to hear success stories how we have improved our customer’s IT system performance.

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